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Eight Week Check-In

Baby Name and Age: Henrik, eight weeks.

Weight/length/clothing size being worn:
He is probably at least 12lbs now; he was ten and a half a month ago when we had him weighed at the pediatrician. 23" last time we measured (a week ago). He is in 3-6 month sizes generally.

Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo? Fill us in:
100% breastfed

Sleep habits:
Sleeps a ton. We still have some issues with nights but the night before last he slept pretty much six hours straight (I "dreamfed" him midway through), his longest stretch ever -- by far. He's getting there. Ideally I'd have him in his crib and my husband could come back to our bed. babysteps, babysteps.

What is your baby's day like: Eat, Sleep, Diaper Change, Eat, Sleep, Change Diaper, Laugh, Play, Smile, Shadowbox, Eat, Sleep, Diaper Change, Fuss, Fuss, Spit Up, Eat, Sleep, Diaper Change, Eat, Sleep

What is driving you crazy: Only 24 hours in a day. SO not enough!

Baby milestones: Amazing neck control already. Smiling, Laughing. Half rolling (which scares me!). Lots of new sounds -- cooing, grunting, whispering. WAY less spitup. Great hand eye coordination - hitting and grabbing things. We've also gone to many places together by bus and subway (we live in NYC) -- -- bookstores, galleries, the museum, shops, restaurants, the botanical garden and a few meetup/playgroups...and he's breastfed at all those places. Having a good carrier (I love my Moby wraps!) has made all the difference for me.

How are you doing in general?:
Quite good. Just a little stressed about going back to work (part time) next week.

How's the love life/relationship going?:
I love the guy but not sure when *lovin* is gonna be able to resume...

Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?:
Back in my normal clothes since H was three months. Five pounds to pre-pregnancy weight last time I checked (two weeks ago). I want to resume weightlifting and I am considering doing the Whole 30 because my food got way out of wack with this pregnancy. I'm going to a yoga workshop on pelvic floor on Sunday and OOF! do I need it.

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Jack Dean Daniel

My little trouble maker decided to turn breech and stay breech at 38 weeks.
My c-section was scheduled for 39 weeks.
After 3 days of contractions and even bloody show, he made it to 39 weeks.

I can say that I did not enjoy the surgery. The spinal was just horrible, I was bawling during it, I had a incapacitating should/gas pain during the surgery, he was so far up me it was very uncomfortable to get him out. It killed me that I couldn't hold my child and could only hear him scream when he was born, I shook like I was frozen for almost an hour after and had a very bad itching reaction to the meds for a day after. The hospital stay was literally torture with a horrible nurse from hell, non-stop migraines and a shared a room with a baby that cried non-stop and iditoic parents that did nothing to stop it. I'm still recovering, at least the spinal headache is gone, but about 90% recovered and the stitches are ok.

However, I ended up with an amazing, healthy, strong, adorable breastfeeding champ, sleeps thruogh the freaking night (I really thought that was a myth!) baby. He is so chill and calm and just perfect.

So I try not to think of the whole "birth expierence" because its done and over and focus on what I got.

Jack Dean Daniel was born 2/13 at 9:33 am. He weighed 6 lbs 15 ounces and was 19 inches long.
He has dark blue eyes that will turn brown soon, and dark brown hair, though not a lot. I was surprised by the amount of hair as his brother was nearly bald.

He latched on like an expert first try. He left the hospital 6 lbs 7 ounces, and weighed 7 lbs just 4 days after that. The Dr couldn't believe the weight gain so we went back again and sure enough he was up to 7 lbs 8 ounces just 6 days later, so he's gaining over an ounce a day.

His older brother showed a little jealousy though I try to pay attention to both. He's attached himself to daddy now and shows more jealousy with him.


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Tuesday the 12th was my due date and it passed without incident but at 12:30 in the morning on Wednesday, I started having pretty bad cramping that continued in intensity and reached a pattern of every ten minutes. My friend Jenni came during the time and I labored and she contraction timed and we ended up going to the hospital on Wednesday night when I got to 4-1-1... and I was turned away because I was barely effaced and only a fingertip dilated..The doctor advised I wait til I got to 3-1-2. I came home, had a little beer, some Benadryl, and some Tylenol and tried to sleep...to no avail. My body writhed in utter pain and I slept very little.

On Thursday after getting to 3-1-2, we staggered back in to the hospital only to be turned away again because I was only 1cm and 50% effaced. I felt a bit leaky but the nurse said it was probably just urine or mucus plug. My doctor offered me some morphine but I refused since it was a short term fix. So, back home, more beer, more Benadryl, more Tylenol, and no relief. After two defeating nights in a row, I resolved to stay home until my water broke. It was agonizing. I couldn't do it. I called the doctor at 7am on Saturday morning and said I needed to go in for morphine. I went in, got checked, my cervix was paper thin but still only about 1.5cm dilated. I took the morphine and lolled around a bit (it wasn't as incredible as I'd hoped but still some relief).

Then my doctor returned and asked me whether I'd been feeling "leaky" at all and if so, for how long. I told her a few days and she said she thought that maybe my water had broken at some point and I hadn't noticed. I'd definitely had some leakiness and there had also been an (aherm) explosive voiding of my insides during one night, but it all hadn't seemed like the dramatic "Hollywood Break" I expected water breaking to be. But lo and behold she checked me and my water *had* broken and since I was GBS positive, the baby had to come out! Read more...Collapse )

Due Date Adjusted...Again!

Baby alarm

So I was right all along. I got to the doctors' office today and the new doctor (Note: I go to a practice with multiple rotating lady doctors and midwives, and this was the only one I hadn't met yet. A new addition. Nice lady.) any way she was like "there is a stickie note here saying the due date is the 12th after all". I just chuckled.

She went on to ask if I was ready, to which I replied "yes". She then noted that I seemed very calm and that most people are screaming "Get this thing outta me" at this point. I dunno. Feeling zen. I think the working from home makes the days go by smoothly. I'm busy and the days go by briskly. The kid will be here soon enough. No need to rush.

They don't push induction until you are at 42w0, so I'm relieved to have that extra 5 days back!

Oh and I was just commenting to some friends today that I'm so glad that most of the complications I've had over this pregnancy have been paperwork and not health related! Tiny mercies...


So I had my 38 week check up on Monday, got to sort out my paperwork, they wanted to know to check something with me. None of their paperwork was lining up and none of it lined up with the scans, well I found out that while I thought my due date was the 14th, they had me down for the 17th. Turns out according to the scans and my LMP I am due on the 13th instead, I am quite glad about this, because even though there is not much difference but it means the hospital and I are on the same page because they induce ten days after the due date (I am very comfortable with this policy) and if they had have stuck with the 17th I would have been induced on the 27th (and pulling my hair out) It also means I turned 39 weeks on Wednesday.

I was told he has engaged his head into my pelvis but aside from a few cervix pains I have no signs of oncoming labour, no cramps, no contractions, not even Bh's, nothing. I know I have a week to go but the feeling of things gearing up and getting ready would be lovely.

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Feb. 1st, 2013

1. How far along are you? 37 weeks and a couple of days.

2. Symptoms & feelings? My poor bruised ribs! The more my fundus grow, the more painful they become. I've been seeing the lovely physio department at the hospital associated with my birth centre, and they gave me a super sexy pelvic belt to wear. It helps with the groin pain I've been getting. I'm also booked in for an iron infusion next week, I'm just not absorbing the iron despite all of the vitamin C and red meat I've been eating.

3. Personal dramas? Schools. If we want kiddo to get into a good school, we need to apply as soon as it's born. Most of the schools want personal references and a $200 application fee. Rude.

4. Appointments & tests? I had one yesterday. It was the first appointment that my husband was able to come to at the centre! Marion asked my husband to feel the position of the head, spine and legs. It was so cute.

5. Belly pics? 36weeks

6. Cravings? Fruit, smoothies, raw veggies.

7. What made you happy this week? I feel so incredibly loved and supported. We just finished our hypnobirthing course and that doula is going to be encapsulating my placenta for me! Last night my post natal doula came to our house for a visit and talked about cooking for me and doing all sorts of lovely supportive things to help me once the baby is here. I could honestly cry with how glowy and adored I feel right now.

8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? My other due date group has 80 women in it, and I'm one of three or four that doesn't have an induction date booked. 20 of the babies were born in January (which is fine, not my induction, not my problem when half of those babies ended up in the NICU) but now there are a few snarky comments about those 'hippies' who actually go into labour on their own. I can't believe that going into labour normally is seen as some weird alternative thing to do.

9. Anything else? I had my baby shower on Sunday. Not a single game was played, we just ate and talked and laughed. It was really enjoyable!
Samantha Claire
6lbs 7oz, 18"
January 30th, 2013, 35w5d

I am in absolute shock and joy as I type this, and also sleep deprived, lol, so it will be a short one! : )

I've been suffering from early onset pre-eclampsia and assigned to bed rest from 30 weeks on. On Tuesday, at 35w4d, I woke up feeling especially awful- swollen more than ever, raging headache. I've been monitoring my BP at home, and it wasn't TERRIBLY high, so I decided to just keep my 3:30pm OB appointment. I'd hired a friend of mine who is a nurse to come help me out since being on bed rest, and she had just started coming daily this week, so she drove me to my appointment.

At the appointment, my BP was much higher than it had been- one reading was 153/98. My swelling had also caused me to gain 10 lbs since the week before. The level of protein in my urine was also the highest it had been. Those things, in combination with the headache, caused my OB to make the call to go ahead and admit me to the hospital to finish off my long wait there. (I was scheduled to deliver via c-section on Valentine's Day.) I could hardly believe it was finally time to go to the hospital, but I also figured I had a matter of days if not a couple of weeks left unless things got hairy. Well, things got hairy!

At the hospital, I was put on the monitors and blood was drawn. In the meantime, the OB on call was slightly concerned that I was contracting regularly, about 6 minutes apart. (Which I had been for daaaays, with no change.) Husband and I just watched bad reality tv and passed the time chatting. : ) Around 8pm, my labs came back and my liver enzymes were extremely elevated. The OB decided to put me on magnesium sulfate, which is not my favorite thing in the planet (felt like my insides were slowly cooking, made me a little loopy). The game plan became "we'll repeat blood work in the morning and then decide where to go from there." Well, by 4am, the game plan suddenly changed to, "Let's go ahead and get little missy out first thing today, screw it." lol.

So at 6:30am, after getting maybe 45-60 minutes of sleep (the contractions woke me up every time I started to drift off), I was wheeled off to the OR to welcome my girl to the world. Samantha Claire arrived at 7:07am on January 30th, 2013, weighing 6lbs 7oz, 18 inches long, and a thick head of black hair. :D The sound of her cries when she was pulled out was... absolutely exhilarating. Oh! And I was totally pleasantly surprised- my OB made it in to be primary on the c-section. : ) It was unexpected- she told me she wouldn't have missed it for anything. : ) (For those who don't know/remember, my first daughter was stillborn at almost 39 weeks in 2010, so this was a long time coming.)

So, I'm in the hospital recovering, and everything is wonderful. Samantha is absolutely a dream, healthy, needed no assistance or NICU. Our only battle is breastfeeding, since she's late preterm, but we're confident she will get it soon (she has a good latch, she just loses interest quickly since I'm not producing much of anything yet). I am so sleep deprived!!! LOL. Barely gotten a couple of chunks of 2 hours worth of sleep. But I wouldn't change a thing. : ) We are in heaven.

Samantha Claire

minor due date dramatics

Doctor: So you are now just about full-term, 37 weeks.
Me: I thought I was 38 weeks?
Doctor: Your due date is February 15th.
Me: It is?
Doctor: Wait, what date were you working off of?
Me: Well first they said 11th and then 12th. I never heard 15th.
Doctor (*looks at files*): Hmm, I think I'm gonna have to go through here and figure out what happened....
Me: Well I guess the date isn't such a big deal, it'll come when it comes...
Doctor: But we need to know so we can determine when you are past due.
Me: OK, sure. Well I guess I'll find out next week then.
Doctor: OK.

CUT TO me all dressed up and just about to walk out the office door.

Doctor: Wait, come back!
Me: Yes?
Doctor: Your due date is the 7th.
Me: The 7th?
Doctor: That's what I have here.
Me: My next appointment is the 7th.
Doctor: OK, see ya then.

Ay yi yi...The end/beginning is nigh! Nigher than I thought?

Wondering if I should have them revise it later so that I buy myself more time? They said they won't push induction until 42 weeks...

Call the doctor?

To call or not to call...

I took a short nap today and woke up with a nasty headache complete with light sensitivity and terrible nausea. I'm also having some contractions, though they seem pretty irregular. I'm trying to decide if it is a normal migraine which I'm not prone to/ don't have a history of or early signs of pree.
my hesitation comes in the fact that I have an appointment Tuesday morning and I know that by calling the doctor they will just say to go to the hospital, which is an hour away and I don't have a sitter for my toddler.
What would you do?

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35w1d Update

1. How far along are you? 35w1d
2. Symptoms & feelings? Pelvic pain, leg pain on the left side. Some shoulder pain.
3. Personal dramas? Hmm, just trying to work on coordinating stuff with my husband/ prepare him for how tough the first few weeks will be. He is the king of "It's no problem."
4. Appointments & tests? Next week starts the weekly visits. I have been going to the chiro weekly for a few months now. Gonna keep that up for a few more weeks.
5. Belly pics? Nope.
6. Cravings? I craved cake the other day, so I went and got a frozen Sara Lee one. I don't think I've ever purchased that sort of thing before, but I have been enjoying it.
7. What made you happy this week? Visit with a good old friend who has a beautiful two year old. Getting a gently used Moby for $5. Getting a super gently used carseat for $40! Savings!
8. What made you angry/frustrated/cry this week? Frustrated by how few natural birth stories I am hearing. It makes me feel like it's gonna be tough to attain. On the other hand, the stories have all been educational.
9. Anything else? Nope. I think we are ready for this kid to come. I mean not right this instant, but we're all packed and prepared and have purchased pretty much everything we need. Go team!