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february2013's Journal

Due in February 2013
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Welcome Parents and Caregivers to February 2013, a community for those who are expecting a baby in February 2013 (late January or early March is welcome as well).

From first timers to been there done that parents, this is your community.
The following is the opening set of rules (which are all up for discussion on this post here).

1. Be respectful.
a. No name calling\slurs\insults
b. We’re going to have diverse backgrounds and opinions and will not always agree especially on the “heavier” parenting topics. Discussion is encouraged, but keep it pleasant.
c. If there is drama, or you have a complaint please contact a mod first and than do not engage.
2. Please use the default font when posting
3. Please place large pictures behind a lj-cut. If you are posting more than one picture, you can leave the first picture but put the rest under a cut.

If you are joining, please post a introduction post:
1. Name:
2. Age (if you want):
3. Location:
4. Due Date:
5. Is this your first child\pregnancy?:
6. Other children\pregnancies:
7. What are you excited about?:
8. What are you worried about?:
9. Anything else you’d like to say?:

Our date list can be found here (members only).

Each week we will be posting topics to discuss and to give advice. Feel free to add your thoughts as well:

Let's Talk About .....

Spilling the Beans
Finding out the Gender
Baby's Sex and Name